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1840 - Sixth Census of the United States


The 1840 Census was the sixth enumeration conducted of the United States population as provided for in the U.S. Constitution. The 17 million people enumerated represented a 32.7% increase over the prior census. Enumerators of the 1840 census were asked to include the following categories in the census: name of head of household; number of free white males and females in age categories: 0 to 5, 5 to 10, 10 to 15, 15 to 20, 20 to 30, 30 to 40, 40 to 50, 50 to 60, 60 to 70, 70 to 80, 80 to 90, 90 to 100, over 100; the name of a slave owner and the number of slaves owned by that person; the number of male and female slaves and free "colored" persons by age categories; the number of foreigners (not naturalized) in a household; the number of deaf, dumb, and blind persons within a household; and town or district, and county of residence.

For the first time, the 1840 census also asked the ages of revolutionary war pensioners and the number of individuals engaged in mining, agriculture, commerce, manufacturing and trade, navigation of the ocean, navigation of canals, lakes and rivers, learned professions and engineers; number in school, number in family over age twenty-one who could not read and write, and the number of insane.

Federal Census Statistics
Census Date: 01 June 1840
Time Allowed: 9 Months
(Extended to 18 months)
Population: 17,069,453
Slaves: 2,487,355
Alabama: 590,756
US President: Martin Van Buren
US States: 26


  (NARA microfilm publication M704, 580 rolls)

  1840 Census Questions

  You can click the link to the counties below and view the individual image of the census. Please note, the image names "does not" represent the actual census "page". The page number represented is the page number on the PDF/Reel of the census.






Volume Reel 0001

   Autauga, Barbour, Baldwin, Bibb, and Butler Counties


     Pages 345



Volume Reel 0002

   Chambers, Clarke, Connecuh, Coosa, and Covington Counties


     Pages 322



Volume Reel 0003

   Blount, Benton, and Cherokee Counties


     Pages 284



Volume Reel 0004

   De Kalb, Fayette, and Franklin Counties


     Pages 242



Volume Reel 0005

   Dale, Dallas, and Greene Counties


     Pages 292



Volume Reel 0006

   Henry, Jefferson, and Lowndes Counties


     Pages 226



Volume Reel 0007

   Jackson and Lauderdale Counties


     Pages 261



Volume Reel 0008

   Limestone and Lawrence Counties


     Pages 185



Volume Reel 0009

   Macon, Marengo, and Mobile Counties


     Pages 195



Volume Reel 0010

   Mobile City and Montgomery County


     Pages 217



Volume Reel 0011

   City of Montgomery and Monroe, and Perry Counties


     Pages 202



Volume Reel 0012

   Pickens and Pike Counties


     Pages 219



Volume Reel 0013

   Morgan, Marion, Marshall, and Madison Counties


     Pages 395



Volume Reel 0014

   Randolph, St. Clair, and Talladega Counties


     Pages 216



Volume Reel 0015

   Russell, Shelby, Sumter, and Tallapoosa Counties


     Pages 376



Volume Reel 0016

   Tuscaloosa, Washington, Walker, and Wilcox Counties


     Pages 291