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1870 - Fifth Census of the United States


The 1870 U.S. Federal Census was the ninth enumeration of the United States population and represented nearly 23% growth over the previous census. The official date was June 1, 1870 and enumerators had five month to complete their work.
The 1870 Census was the first to be conducted following the end of the Civil War and includes as many as fifteen data elements for each person enumerated. Returns from some locations have been lost or destroyed, including: Kootenai (ID); Arapahoe (KS); Archer, Baylor, Concho, Edwards, Hardeman, Knox, Trylor, Wichita, and Wilbarger (TX); and Benton, Columbia, and San Juan (WA).

Federal Census Statistics
Census Date: 01 June 1870
Time Allowed: 5 Months
Population: 38,558,371
Alabama: 996,992
US President: Ulysses S. Grant
US States: 37


  (NARA microfilm publication M593, 1,761 rolls)

  1870 Census Questions

  You can click the link to the counties below and view the individual image of the census. Please note, the image names "does not" represent the actual census "page". The page number represented is the page number on the PDF/Reel of the census.




Volume Reel 0001

  -Autauga, Baker, and Baldwin Counties


     Pages -608



Volume Reel 0002

  -Barbour and Bibb Counties


     Pages -942



Volume Reel 0003

  -Blount County


     Pages -273



Volume Reel 0004

  -Bullock County


     Pages -623



Volume Reel 0005

  -Butler and Calhoun Counties


     Pages -738



Volume Reel 0006

  -Chambers County


     Pages -458



Volume Reel 0007

  -Cherokee and Choctaw Counties


     Pages -620



Volume Reel 0008

  -Clarke and Clay Counties


     Pages -618



Volume Reel 0009

  -Cleburne and Coffee Counties


     Pages -381



Volume Reel 0010

  -Colbert and Conecuh Counties


     Pages -570



Volume Reel 0011

  -Coosa and Covington Counties


     Pages -452



Volume Reel 0012

  -Crenshaw and Dale Counties


     Pages -577



Volume Reel 0013

  -Dallas County (part)


     Pages -479



Volume Reel 0014

  -Dallas County (part)


     Pages -572



Volume Reel 0015

  -De Kalb, Elmore, and Escambia Counties


     Pages -665



Volume Reel 0016

  -Etowah, Fayette, and Franklin Counties


     Pages -656



Volume Reel 0017

  -Geneva and Greene Counties


     Pages -548



Volume Reel 0018

  -Hale County


     Pages -551



Volume Reel 0019

  -Henry County


     Pages -366



Volume Reel 0020

  -Jackson County


     Pages -508



Volume Reel 0021

  -Jefferson and Lauderdale Counties


     Pages -738



Volume Reel 0022

  -Lawrence County


     Pages -436



Volume Reel 0023

  -Lee County


     Pages -557



Volume Reel 0024

  -Limestone County


     Pages -396



Volume Reel 0025

  -Lowndes County


     Pages -654



Volume Reel 0026

  -Macon County (part)


     Pages -441



Volume Reel 0027

  -Macon (part) and Madison Counties


     Pages -816



Volume Reel 0028

  -Marengo County


     Pages -695



Volume Reel 0029

  -Marion and Marshall Counties


     Pages -412



Volume Reel 0030

  -Mobile County (excluding the city of Mobile)


     Pages -443



Volume Reel 0031

  -City of Mobile


     Pages -816



Volume Reel 0032

  -Monroe and Morgan Counties


     Pages -675



Volume Reel 0033

  -Perry County


     Pages -638



Volume Reel 0034

  -Montgomery County (excluding the city of Montgomery)


     Pages -836



Volume Reel 0035

  -City of Montgomery


     Pages -274



Volume Reel 0036

  -Pickens County


     Pages -460



Volume Reel 0037

  -Pike and Randolph Counties


     Pages -748



Volume Reel 0038

  -Russell County


     Pages -550



Volume Reel 0039

  -Sanford and Shelby Counties


     Pages -550



Volume Reel 0040

  -St. Clair and Sumpter Counties


     Pages -851



Volume Reel 0041

  -Talladega County


     Pages -469



Volume Reel 0042

  -Tallapoosa County


     Pages -438



Volume Reel 0043

  -Tuscaloosa County


     Pages -524



Volume Reel 0044

  -Walker and Washington Counties


     Pages -292



Volume Reel 0045

  -Wilcox and Winston Counties


     Pages -830